Novint Falcon

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We have 2 Novint Falcon haptic devices. Unfortunately they don’t work with Openhaptics. Because Vizard only works with Openhaptics you can’t use the device in Vizard.


The NovInt Falcon has a handle that can be moved in the x, y, and z directions throughout about a 4x4x4 inch space. The current handle also includes 4 buttons. The controller also provides force feedback, measured in newtons, and the Falcon can measure its position with a resolution of over 400 dpi. The maximum force of the Falcon is over 2 lbs. (8.9 N). This cycle occurs at a rate of 1000Hz.


On Windows, just run the FalconTest utility (usually located at \ProgramFiles\Novint\Falcon\TestUtilities\FalconTest\FalconTest.exe), press Open, press Home, then move the end effectors until the three lights turn green.


You can find a VRPN server/client pair that is capable of testing the Falcon here: