How to start an application in the CAVE

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Caveserver 2.0.png

CAVE server 2.0

On the CAVE-Server machine, a program called CAVE-Server is supposed to run, with which one can start applications locally, or one can start applications over the network.

On each of the left, the right, the bottom and the front CAVE-machines, a CAVE-Client application is supposed to run. (It will be initiated during startup, so usually you do not need to worry about this.)

The server can execute two kinds of files:

  • .command.local
  • .command

For all these files, the first line refers to the executable. The first line is allowed to have spaces.

The second line may contain a list of parameters. Be sure to quote each successive command with a double quote (").




In case of .commmand.local, the command is only executed on the current machine. Else if .command, the command will be executed on all active clients. By simply broadcasting an UDP-datagram over the network.


Instead of using the Fontys-VR daemon, one can use FakeDaemon. Te word Fake does not imply anything.

With the Fake Daemon, one can develop a CAVE application at home. Al sensory input is directed via the Fontys-VR Fake daemon.

When using FakeDaemon within the CAVE, be sure to press Broadcast, such that every machine in the subnet will receive the data of the Daemon.


Creating an application, on a C/C++ compatible platform can be done by using Fontys VR-Cave Daemon SDK.