Flock Of Birds (FOB)

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The Flock of Birds is a motiontracking device that relies on an electro-magnetic field to function. The Flock of Birds is connected to the caveserver via COM3. In the past, it was sometimes required to reset the Flock of Birds because the state of the driver got corrupted. At this moment, nearly all CAVE programs utilize a CAVE-daemon (v1/v2), in order to avoid trouble with the Flock of Birds driver.


Flock of Birds dipswitches

Each flock of birds tracker has 8 dipswithces.

The dipswitches 1,2 and 3 are for the baud rate of the device. They should all be set to on (i.e. down). (This is the maximum baud rate.)

4,5,6,7 represents a binary number denoting the number of the device. 0 is an invalid device number 1 does not seem to work.

7 = 2^0

6 = 2^1

5 = 2^2

4 = 2^3

Note that on i.e. 1 is down.

Thus you are required to select a number strictly above 1. The CAVE daemon is set to treat device 2 as the wand, and device 3 is the head. Device 4 is the thing.

Dipswitch 8 should always be set to off. This is fly mode instead of test mode (on).

When device 4 is disconnected, the Daemon will still operate with the rest of the devices.