Disparity Maker v 2.0

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When you have a stereo pair of images, you can use Disparity Maker v 2.0 in order to extract the disparity map. Unlike its predecessor Stereoscopic Depth Extractor, Disparity Maker v 2.0 is a console based tool.

Whenever you input a stereoscopic image pair, you have to wait for a while. The problem is that there are a lot of parameters.

The windows tool disparity_maker.exe can be called with parameter --help. One should use batch-files in order see the options.

Before the process begins, the user can specify pre-filters. One of these is --halfsize, one can specify the number of times the imagery gets resized by 50%x50%. The option --filterHalfDiagonal, specifies the size of a filter square. The square has size (2*filterHalfDiagonal + 1)x(2*filterHalfDiagonal + 1). Additionaly one can define a matching window, of size: (2*windowHalfDiagonal + 1)x(2*windowHalfDiagonal + 1).

The matching window has to be matched to the other side. THe idea is to define an offset rectangle. The output is a point in the rectangle. Instead of being a horizontal line, a match is done over a rectangle. This is due to spherical deformations of the camera lenses. When a matching point within the rectangle is determined, the y coordinate is discarded and the x coordinate will determine the disparity.

You can specify the rectangle with the following commands:

  • --minDX
  • --maxDX
  • --minDY
  • --maxDY

Additionally you can try:

  • --crosscheck
  • --flip
  • --fullrange
  • --floatsurface
  • --leftImageInResult

If you want to process video:

  • --vid [videofile]
  • --vidOutPrefix [png_prefix]